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MT. Zion Missionary Baptist Church New Members Class

Weekly Calendar Meetings
Starting June 1, 2014 ~ Sunrise Service Every Sunday 7:30am -8:45am
Sunday School and New Member Classes 9:00AM
Morning Worship Service 10:30

Monday & Thurdays
Bible Study - Iowa City 6pm {Mondays}
Faith Dancers pratice (TBA)
Mission Study ~ 11:00 AM
Word Explosion "Bible Study" ~ 6:00 PM
Voices Mass Choir Rehearsal ~ 7:00 PM
New Members Class ~ 7:00 PM

Teachers Meeting 6:00 PM
Prayer Service 7:00 PM

Deacon's Meetings 6:00pm - 1st Friday of each month or (TBA)

1st weekend of the Month Leadership Workshop 9:00-10:30 AM
Senior Laymen Service 9:00 AM
Youth Ministry 11:00 AM
Junior Ushers(3rd)Saturday 12:00 Noon
Bridie Carlton Mission Circle 1:00 PM
Youth Choir Rehearsal 10:30AM
Senior Ushers(3rd)Saturday 4:00 PM

Men's Chorus Rehearsal 5:00 PM